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At a glance

Technologies used: Drupal 8 framework, Node.js, MySQL database.

Functionality: Online Queue Management, Token Management, Scheduling of Meetings and Handling Multiple Services.

Target users: Offices and Businesses with heavy footfalls e.g. Banks, Hospitals, Tourist attractions and government offices.


Physical Architecture

Built on Drupal 8 framework. Custom module developed to implement specialized QMS functionality. Integrates with Short Messaging API to deliver SMS. Integrates with Node.js server to push real-time updates to different types of users.

Under The Hood

Custom Drupal modules implemented to create custom entities for office, queue, token, and to deliver the application's functionality such as queue management, token creation, queue operations, estimating time of appointment(ETA), online tracking of tokens, handling of multi-service tokens, and batch-mode situations. Tokens delivered over SMS, and real-time updates for tracking, announcements, etc are pushed using Node.js server.